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The 13 Christmas desserts

Do you know the 13 Christmas desserts? It is a centuries-old and essential tradition in Provence, for holiday meals at the end of the year.

If we do not know how to precisely date the appearance of these famous 13 desserts, it would seem that we find the written trace in the stories from the 17th century. The tradition then took off in the 20th century, and since then the list of 13 desserts has remained more or less the same all over Provence.

The list of the 13 Christmas desserts:

- the "oil pump", a brioche made from olive oil and orange blossom, served broken but not cut
- the "4 mendiants" in the form of dried fruits, each symbolizing a Christian religious order: nuts and hazelnuts (Augustinian order), grapes (Dominican order), almonds (Carmelite order) and figs (Franciscan order)
- white and black nougat representing the penitents, sometimes red or pink nougat
- dates, which can be filled with marzipan
- seasonal fruits: clementines, apples, pears, oranges, watermelons, fresh grapes, exotic fruits, etc.
- sweets: fruit pastes, candied fruits, calissons, marrons glacés, chocolates, papillotes...
- biscuits: Marseille navettes, almond croquants, oreillettes, bugnes....

All the deserts will be served during the festivities with cooked wine, muscatel or mulled wine, on a table covered with 3 tablecloths, and decorated with 3 candles.

Each guest is of course invited to taste each of the desserts!

The Domaine de Manon team wishes you a merry Christmas and a good appetite!
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